The LJ Hooker Strata team is here to help you and will always treat you with courtesy and respect. We ask that all clients and stakeholders treat our team with courtesy and respect in return.

We deal with matters that impact people’s homes, investments, or personal circumstances. Our team can experience a high rate of occupational aggression or disrespectful interactions. These interactions may be with owners, committee members, tenants, contractors, or other parties associated with the management of the common property.

Physical and non-physical aggression is unacceptable at all times. Violence and aggression impacts staff mood, mental health, well-being and their ability to focus to effectively assist you.

The people being aggressive or disrespectful are generally everyday people who should know how to act respectfully and do so.

We have implemented a Zero Tolerance Policy to ensure that clients are aware of our expectation that all staff are treated respectfully.

Anyone verbally abusing staff, either in person or over the phone will be contacted by management advising that their behaviour will not be tolerated.We have devised a Yellow and Red card system for use in advising people who do not adhere to this policy. Any future violations will result in our refusal to conduct business in person or via telephone with the offender. Written abuse will be treated in a similar manner.

There will be zero tolerance for:

  • Aggressive body language or gestures such as eye-rolling;
  • Physical attacks or assault;
  • Sexual harassment and sexual assault;
  • Derogatory, sexist or racist remarks;
  • Name calling or swearing;
  • Threats or intimidating behaviours (actual or implied);
  • Shouting or yelling;
  • Standing in the way of a staff member doing their job or in their personal space; or
  • Banging fists on a desk

If you are unhappy, we want you to tell us

Do not resort to violence and aggression. Instead of being aggressive:

  • Calmly tell the person helping you why you are unhappy;
  • Ask to speak to, or have your issue referred to the manager in charge

Being violent or aggressive is never OK. Our staff members deserve to feel safe at work.